Click to Call


Click to Call allows the user to make a direct incoming or outgoing call by clicking a button. It allows the users very high level of flexibility at work We provide different varieties of click to call and its related technologies that is used by many unique software solutions. Click to call is also referred as “click2call” “click to talk” “click to connect” “click to dial” “call me now button”. Our Click to call software helps to improve your customer management support and also consumers’ feedback functions.

The person using Click to call software just press one button and they get quick connect with the sales representative or customer service support team. It is a short cut key on website that allows its visitors to get directly connects on a voice channel to the company’s agents, departments or representatives. This call can be done over VoIP or the customer may ask for a call back immediately via entering their phone number. This software provides an easy track to its website owners to track the time when an active visitor changes from the website to a phone sales channel.

Features of Click to Call

  • Call Ratings
  • CDR Report Generation
  • Flexibility at work
  • Freedom to call by CRM
  • Direct call at a click
  • Instant connect with customer service representative