Video Conference Solution


Video Conference Solutions is a low budget and cost effective process of interaction of two or more parties in a video conference room or cloud. The parties can be from the any part of the world.People from all over the world may interact with each other via video conference solution. Not only the personal interaction with client is possible via this system but also many important data or messages can be displayed through it like sharing of presentation on slides, audio connection with all in the call, desktop sharing etc.

No doubt video conference solution is an important and inseparable part of modernized communication process. It makes your business process fast and paced with modern days requirements. Moreover data clarity and integrity is better possible with VCS. Also it saves unnecessary wastage of time by making people accessible to you for direct interaction through video conference solution. In other term it can be said as fuel of modern communication systems. It can be hosted in premises or cloud. It is not only helpful for business communication but also for different field of work like education, medical, marketing etc. it can be used.

Features of Video Conference Solution

  • Whiteboard
  • Video Sharing
  • Record & Playback
  • Upload Presentation/ PDF
  • Chat Module
  • Desktop Sharing
  • Login based Controls
  • Join from outside through VoIP/ PSTN Call
  • Module Integration
  • Mobile Support