Voice Logger


A process under which an audio is recorded in a business situation is called Voice Logging. Voice logger is a digital equipment that log multi channel voice, monitors call and do call recording. Our voice logger application will allows you to track the record of all important correspondence that can be used for the purpose of training or assessment of quality irrespective of your work type. The key feature of the success of any business lies in its customer satisfaction and for that you need to render quality service. This is very much possible with our well integrated and versatile voice logger. It reduces mistakes that happened in past as the correspondence stock is used as reference while providing training which omits old mistakes.

Our voice logger supports your business in multi dimensional side. It adds to your business speed and growth by improving service quality, reducing number of errors, increasing security, abiding Government regulations, connection resolution, data storage and ultimately training process improvement. The voice logger works as a multi tasking device which helps all ranges of works like Sales & Telemarketing, Customer support, Collections, Marketing by keeping the reference correspondence in record.

Key features of Voice Logger

  • Data Security
  • Unified Interface
  • Record all Calls
  • Multiple Format Support
  • Search Capability
  • Ease of reporting & Viewing