IVR System or Interactive voice response (IVR) allows a telephone user to make a selection on phone keypad as per the voice menu. The IVR system let the user to interact with the phone system and the computer system. Under this system the person on phone line follows the steps as mentioned in pre recorded voice prompts and make selection on phone keypad as instructed in the voice prompt.

IVR system is a technology that let an interaction done via telephone between a caller and a computer. IVR system is mainly used for caller identification, routing, for finding store locations, account balance enquiry etc. Our IVR system let your business to grow and flourish by giving 24x7 services to your customer. 24x7 customer support not only leads to your business growth but also enhance the customer reliability in the existing market which is very much important for the current competitive market. IVR system can fulfill all your business needs like call back facility, call forwarding options, phone to phone calls, making any announcements, SMS initiated actions answer etc. This software is absolutely preferable to run and exists successfully in today’s flexible market.

Features of IVR System

  • Multi Language Support
  • Database Interactions
  • Lower costs
  • Intelligent Routing
  • Built in Conference Solution
  • E1/T1/Analog/VoIP Trunk Support
  • No Man Power Requirements
  • Customer Greetings Support
  • Handle High Call Volumes
  • Queues